PlayWorks is Member of Bemindo (PT Benteng Multi Indotama) and the only authorized licensor in Indonesia from several major brands in various countries. All the brand holders trust us to expand the market and of course want to introduce and bring the brand closer to the people in Indonesia. One of the steps is to appoint us as an Authorized Retailer in Indonesia. PlayWorks became the first to bring these products in Indonesia, including:

  • Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes Benz, GUESS, Karl Lagerfeld, Mini Cooper (France)
  • Viva Madrid (Singapore)
  • House of Marley (USA)
  • Sol Republic (USA)
  • Energea (Singapore)
  • Skinarma (Japan)

PlayWorks positioned itself as one of the original product providers and licensed under the Premium Lifestyle category for people in Indonesia, where all of these products are equipped with a trusted official warranty for consumers. All brands that PlayWorks presents complement each other in a unique way to provide pleasure and satisfacion for customers in every aspect of life. The products we deliver have been highly selective qualified to ensure that our customers get the best experience of using our products on a daily basis.

PlayWorks are already present in major shopping centers in major cities in Indonesia, and generally we do not sell these products freely in traditional stores. This is because we want to build an exclusive and premium impression to all brands we hold, and our market segmentation leads to the upper middle class.

Until now the number of consumers who use all our products has reached 1,300,000 throughout Indonesia, and growing in everyday. Not just about fashion statement, there is also more than just a product. Everything we do is bound by one simple thought: We try to give the best you can get. Your satisfaction is our ambition. Your desire encourage us to be better.


Our vision is to become the No.1 brand store in Indonesia

  • Providing premium and quality products, especially lifestyle products
  • Providing education to technology users to high-tech and quality lifestyle accessories products